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This sort of thing drives me batshit. My company does the same thing. We have to take this survey put out by Aetna every year to discern our “level of health risks.” Every year it puts me in the “high risk” category, and I can tell you, that’s about 100% because of my BMI. I bet if I put in numbers that put my BMI in the Socially Acceptable category but put all kinds of terrible stuff in the other categories, I’d be less likely to “red line.”
I’m not going to divulge the name of my company, as I need my job and it’s a single-site entity. But this sort of thing disgusts the hell out of me.

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One year ago from yesterday, I sounded the alarm on a new “wellness program” at CVS Pharmacy, wherein employees must participate in a “voluntary” health screening where they must disclose their personal health information, including weight and sexual activity, or else face increased insurance premiums. Shortly thereafter, Michelin Tires announced a similar punitive, but “voluntary wellness program.”


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