Let Me Introduce Myself

Welcome. I have type 2 bipolar, plus borderline personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder: the great trifecta of joy! Plus, I weigh almost 300 pounds in a society that covets having zero percent body fat. Good times!
I too have deplorable self esteem. I doubt I will ever love my body. I doubt I will ever be able to look in the mirror and see someone even remotely attractive looking back. However, because of blogs like this one, I have been able to stop calling myself names like “fat pig” and telling myself that I deserve to be miserable because I’m so disgusting and unlovable.
I wish I could say that I conquered my E.D. problems. I haven’t. I’ve learned to understand them and to be kinder to myself about them, but they are far from conquered. However, the Cheese stands alone, because nobody believes that a fat person can be starving herself.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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This is the first post introductory post from from Dow Jones, our latest blogging candidate. After she submits three guest posts, we will vote on her inclusion in our blog.

This is going to be my first post. I’m on WordPress! Yay!

I will be talking about things that I am interested in and hopefully get some positive feedback, some new online friends and some intellectual discourse.

Things that I am interested are social justice, particularly the Fat Acceptance movement, religion and philosophy, Photoshopping, among other things.

A little about myself, I am a 34-year-old woman who is hearing impaired, has bipolar and Asperger’s Disorder, of which I probably will be blogging about that as well.

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New Aldon Smith Arrest

Aldon, Aldon, Aldon! What are you doing, Amigo?

I love this guy. He’s one of my favorite modern football players, and, overall, he seems like a nice kid. But his silly antics get him in hot water time and again. I keep hoping he’ll outgrow it. He has too much going for him to waste it on getting in trouble over foolish behavior like this.


Dear Mean Girl

I just love these clever, clever concern trolls who think that reiterating fat stereotypes is going to make fat people suddenly realize the error of their mistake, stop gorging on whole pies and buckets of Kentucky Fried, quit watching the Honey Boo Boo Marathon, hit the gym, and magically become a Socially Acceptable Size. (TM)
It seems to me that the concern trolls are the ones who are willfully ignorant, and not particularly creative either.
I’m also galled that being a “mean girl” has somehow become something that’s to be admired or aspired to.
Also, as was pointed out, all the concern trolling has ZILCH to do with health and everything to do with making You look just like Number 12.
It’s an old story that’s gotten very, very boring. But these rather boring individuals will continue retelling it over and over again, ad nauseam.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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Trigger warning: Dickweed promoting weight loss.

Dear Bigot Troll Mean GirlMean_Girls_movie,

You read this article on Rawstory (stating a “study” found people more likely to “gorge” themselves if they think of obesity as a disease), and thought you’d get in a few laughs at my (and all obese people’s) expense on a friend’s Facebook post. I suppose it’s my fault, really, because I did respond to the post with:

Or, people have stopped trying to starve themselves (aka diet) and instead started treating themselves with compassion. While I don’t agree with the idea that being fat is a disease in itself, it is often a symptom of diseases, or a side effect of many drugs. As a society, our preoccupation with the symptom or the side effect of multiple prescriptions, actually gets in the way of true physical health.

I’m pretty sure you felt I was opening myself up…

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The Oyster Girl

I’m all for feminist ballads, and cheesiness! I really hope you don’t mind me reblogging this, as I would like the small but thoughtful audience of Sly Fawkes (Opinionated Opinions) to enjoy it as well.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

So, I wrote a little song! And it’s not too bad as my songs go – a little cheesy as always, but it developed into a bit of a feminist ballad so I decided to share with everyone here. But first, a bit of background: my partner and I have this thing about oysters – mainly that we love to eat them, and do so at pretty much every conceivable opportunity, so we’ve dubbed ourselves “Team Oyster.” Once after a trip to the east coast with his mother, he brought me home a print from an art museum he went to – it was a seventeenth century Dutch painting called “Girl Eating Oysters,” which is self-explanatory. He told me he liked the playful and mischievous look on her face, which reminded him of me, and I had to agree and loved the gift. It is especially fun because oysters are…

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Death by Fat

I’ve blabbed enough about my own endocrine problems, including diabetes. Right now I want to talk about someone who, according to popular opinion, should have exploded 40 years ago.
There is a gentleman at the retirement community where I work. He is a portly fellow with diabetes. He is, other than his diabetes and a bit of arthritis, healthy, happy, and active. His cognitive abilities are 100%. He takes good care of himself. He is compliant with his diabetes treatment regimen. He engages in a moderate level of exercise, mostly walking. He is socially involved.
According to popular “science,” I must be hallucinating. Healthy, happy, fat old people do not exist.
Another healthy, fat old person who doesn’t exist is the grandfather of Nikki Sixx, the bassist for Motley Crue. I don’t know how Nikki managed to stage that picture–he’s pretty slick! But somehow he managed to make it look like he was standing there with his ninety-something year old, fat grandfather. It was a trick of the light, I suppose.

Dances With Fat

Nothing to prove Some people seem to truly delight in telling me that I’m going to die sooner because I’m fat.  The studies that I’ve seen are deplorable science and maybe I’ll break that down here eventually but that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today I want to talk about what happens if I’m wrong and they are right.

In science, we always have to remember the possibility that we might be wrong. (So if someone isn’t willing to admit that they could be wrong, they aren’t someone I’m interested in talking to about science.) There were times in our history when the best of science “proved” that the Earth was flat, that giving pregnant women thalidomide was a good idea, and that small objects fall more slowly than large objects, and that heroin is a non-addictive substitute for morphine.  Oops.

Speaking of large objects….  I’ve examined a lot of…

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Six Questionable Questions about Fat Acceptance Answered

I’m going to play Carolyn’s game and make blanket assumptions without bothering to get to know anything else about her. Based purely on surface perceptions, Carolyn is an asshat with all the research abilities of a gnat which has had its brain pithed. Note how she did not bother interviewing one single person involved with HAES or size acceptance. Way to put on your blinders and embrace prejudice, Carolyn! You win at these things. You fail at everything else.

Dances With Fat

I can explain it to you A piece appeared in Thought Catalog today [a million trigger warnings] called “6 Things I Don’t Understand About the Fat Acceptance Movement” by Carolyn Hall which was brought to my attention by the Rolls Not Trolls Facebook Community . I’m going to answer the six questions, but I want to start out by pointing out the ways in which this article is problematic by suggesting some possible alternative titles:

6 Things About Fat Acceptance that I Didn’t Bother Researching

6 Ways I Try to Justify Ignoring Fat People’s Request for Basic Respect

6 Ways that I’ve Let My Prejudice and Preconceived Notions Run Wild

6 Ways in Which I’m Being Purposefully Obtuse

6 Things That Aren’t Questions at All, But Are Rants Based on Prejudice, Preconceived Notions, and Stereotypes

Oh yes, the article is chock full of the usual fallacies – the confusion of body size with behavior, the confusion…

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What If You’re REALLY Fat…

Endocrine problems tend to spark weight gain. I always knew that hypothyroidism prompted weight gain and made weight loss difficult. I don’t believe that milder cases of hypothyroidism, such as I have, make any negative impact on life expectancy.
What I did not know is that insulin resistance, which I have evidently had for years, and which finally converted to full-blown diabetes, also promotes weight gain, makes weight loss difficult, and also causes nearly insatiable cravings for simple carbohydrates. When I went to doctors for help with this problem, I was always told to just have some willpower and not eat that stuff. I was treated like a silly, hysterical fat woman. My very real problem was not taken seriously.
Diabetes can shorten a person’s lifespan if blood sugar levels can’t be brought under control, because elevated blood sugar levels damage the vascular system, which can cause a myriad of problems. Fortunately, I have had no problem controlling my blood sugar levels thus far.
This has nothing whatever to do with the number on the scale, and everything to do with the number on the blood glucometer.
Here’s the thing: even if I was having difficulty bringing my blood sugar under control, that would not make me a horrible, morally deficient human being.
There is a woman at the retirement/assisted living community where I work who is half my size. She has diabetes. She is completely non-compliant with her treatment regimen. She sits in front of the TV and eats cookies and crackers all day. This is not to say I’m morally superior to her. What she does or does not do regarding her health is nobody’s business but hers. What I am saying is that just looking at us, people would assume that I’m the one that’s not compliant with treatment recommendations for my diabetes, simply based on my size, when, in fact, my blood glucose readings are very good because I am compliant with treatment.
Assumptions based on body type: not a good thing, and, almost always, inaccurate.

Dances With Fat

Diagnosis I’m producing a show of Plus Size Performers from Los Angeles ( details here ) and moving this week, plus we’re taking care of a rescue puppy who is severely sick so today is going to be a repost based on a number of conversations that I’ve heard recently about how things should be different if someone is “really fat.”

Often I get comments that say something like “I mean it’s ok to be a little big, but what about people who weigh [some random amount of weight that seems really high to the commenter from 200 pounds to more than 1,000, and/or some life circumstance, illness, or disability that seems like a big issue to them], when people are REALLY fat surely weight loss, including drastic measures (like stomach amputation or an at home stomach pump) should be taken.” or “Studies show that very fat people tend to…

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Celebrity Skin

Kirstie Alley’s yo-yo dieting and internalized size shame are extremely unhealthy. I would feel sorry for her across the board if not for the awful message that her attitudes send to others who are struggling with self-acceptance.
i used to be like Kirstie, always chasing the Elusive Unicorn of Socially Acceptable Thinness and Beauty. I had to stop, for the sake of both mental and physical health.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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Trigger warning: Discussion of weight-loss and diet programs.

Now she’s fading, somewhere in Hollywood
I’m glad I came here with your pound of flesh.

—from “Celebrity Skin” by Hole

We’ve all heard and read about Kirstie Alley’s constant struggles to shed the pounds. Now she’s teamed up with Jenny Craig and caught flak for her comment about “not being circus fat” and just wanting to lose 30 pounds in her new commercial.

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URGENT! Fat Filmmaker Being Harassed by Haters

Well, of course you know when anyone gives themselves the handle “godblesshitler,” you know he has to be right on the money and not a complete and total asshat.
Nobody should have the right to harass and threaten another person’s well being. This creep needs to be stopped.

Dances With Fat

fight back Lindsey Averill is in the process of co-creating the documentary “Fattitude:  A Body Positive Documentary” which the kickstarter page describes as “A feature-length documentary that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice, and then offers an alternative way of thinking.”  She is working to crowdfund the project and has created the Kickstarter and a trailer on YouTube and then, she told me, this happened:

It all started when I reported a YouTube user, “GODBLESSADOLFHITLER” for copyright for posting my trailer verbatim on his youtube channel – I also reported another video of his that featured my film and horrible images of 9/11 hate speech, etc. YouTube pulled down his videos and he and his followers began to torture me. They were calling our house till I changed our number. They are now calling my family, my husband’s business and the have collected all the information on my interviewees and posted…

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Tequila vs. the Fat Men

Drinking tequila–that would be great for my diabetes! On the other hand, it would make me vomit, which would inhibit the absorption of calories. In no time at all I would be SKINNY!!!!1!11! WHEEEEEEE!!!!111!111!

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

There is a crazy new way to lose weight, y’all.


Just take a couple of shots a day and voila! Suddenly skinny.

This is what Atchka said to me when he read that bit.

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