Normalizing Obesity

All the pearl clutching and concern trolling in the world is not going to make fat people cease to exist. I’ve been fat for most of my life, and no amount of bulimia, starvation, over-exercising, or yo-yo dieting has made me thinner (but never thin enough) in the long term. I’d venture to say that doing these things was far less healthy than letting my body be what it seems to want to be.
I would love a world in which the diversity of people was actually acknowledged instead of this attitude of hoping to make certain “undesirables” go away with disdain or pretending that we don’t exist.

Dances With Fat

Actual Size Department store Debenhams decided to use size 16 mannequins to both reflect the average size woman and give her a shot at seeing what clothes might actually look like on her.  Queue hand-wringing and wailing.

Britain’s chief medical director, Dame Sally Davies, is concerned that the use of mannequins in a wide variety of sizes that reflect the sizes of women may normalize obesity. First of all let’s remember that obesity is a made up thing whose definition has been changed in the past by clever lobbying by the weight loss industry. Then let’s remember that, while there are no guarantees or obligations, behaviors are a much better determinant of future health than is body size. Finally, let’s remember that Dame Davies has not a single evidence-based way to make fat women smaller,whether there are fat mannequins or not . (see the bottom of this post for evidence…

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