It’s the Swimsuit Post!

I work out in the therapy pool at my place of work, and at the times I go, there’s rarely anyone else around. I admit to being self-conscious about being seen in a swimsuit. However, I probably was even more self-conscious back when I was young, not fat, and tremendously distressed about having big thighs and not being pretty enough.
The thing that tends to chap my hide with swimsuits is the fact that since I can’t afford to get a really nice one tailored to fit my exact measurements, I buy them off the rack at Wal Fart. I wear a 2x or 3x, and there is generally a good selection. However, lo and behold, many of them are made with so much Spandex that it feels like stuffing myself into Spanx, an item I abhor. While I want support so that stuff doesn’t wobble around while I’m working out (most specifically, my boobs) I don’t want to swim in a goddamn Spanx! As for Catalina swimwear’s claim of “Suddenly Slim,” don’t make me laugh. There isn’t enough Spandex in the world to make my nearly 300 pound body look slim, either suddenly or otherwise.
What I want is swimwear that’s Suddenly Comfortable. Because when I’m swimming, that’s what I want to be: comfortable.

Dances With Fat

This is one of those posts that is a Danceswithfat tradition.  Today I got my first e-mail from a reader who is worried about buying a swimsuit, so today I post this.  Enjoy! 

Pink Argyle Bikini Fantastic art by Jodee Rose

Do you know Golda Poretsky?  You should.  She is a very cool woman doing great work in the Body Positive Community. Her site is Body Love Wellness and I highly recommend it.

She tweeted;  “Rec’d a link to “How Not To Look Fat In A Swimsuit”. Wld ♥ to see “How Not To Obsess Abt Looking Fat In A Swimsuit & F-ing Enjoy Yourself”

Well Golda, your wish is my command!

Seriously, let’s talk about this.  It seems that a lot of the women I know, of any size, start to panic the first time they see swimsuits out on the floor of their favorite store;  their pesky cheerfulness belying their…

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