Lies About Size Acceptance

It’s all about common courtesy, when you come right down to it. Yet some people persist in refusing to get it. They want a scapegoat. They’d feel empty without their concern trolling and sad because they’d no longer get to be special snowflakes based on their body type.

Dances With Fat

Lies Last week I blogged about Laila Pedro’s stunning mischaracterization of the Fat Acceptance Movement.  I often speak of it as the Size Acceptance movement because I think that fat oppression ends up hurting people of all sizes, and I would prefer to include as many people as possible in the fight against size and weight-based oppression.  Ms. Pedro is not the first, and unfortunately not likely the last, to mischaracterize the movement.  She appears to have done it to bolster an argument, though of course I don’t know if she did it purposefully or because she simply didn’t bother to do her research.  Jess Weiner appears to me to have done it for profit.  Many others do it for many other reasons. Today I thought I would try to clear things up.  As always, the Movement is not a monolith and so these are my beliefs, and they may vary…

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