How to Actually Stop Stigmatizing Obesity

Think about other times in history when one group of people have decided that another group of people should be eliminated.
Its never a good thing.
I also love how some of these people truly believe that fat people didn’t exist “back in the day.”
Fat people have always been around, and will continue to be around.
What needs to be stopped is the sanctioned bullying and stigmatizing of people with larger body types.

Dances With Fat

fight back One of the most interesting conversations I hear occurs when people who are actively and vocally trying to “eliminate obesity,” “fight the war on obesity,” or work on “obesity prevention” etc. discuss how they might be able to do that work without stigmatizing fat people. I suppose in some ways it’s laudable that they are asking the question, but let me suggest this:

It is impossible to avoid stigmatizing a group of people for how they look while simultaneously calling for the eradication of everyone who looks like them.  Suggesting that everyone who looks a certain way should be eradicated, and/or that every future person who might look that way should be prevented is, in fact, a form of stigma.

If effective, the obesity elimination/prevention movement convinces all of us that we should look at every fat person as someone who should be eradicated, at every child as a possible…

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