No exam necessary – I can tell by looking at you.

Well, what a genius! He doesn’t even need blood tests or CAT scans of any of that mumbo jumbo. He can tell with his genius-like super-scanning-vision exactly what’s going on with a person.
Actually, this asshat should have his license revoked.

First, Do No Harm

Melissa writes:
That’s what I was told today when I went to see a surgeon for a follow-up to an emergency room visit I made last week because of a gallbladder attack.

The ER people were great. Within an hour of getting there, I had an x-ray and ultrasound done, blood and urine samples taken for testing, and was given pain and anti-nausea medication. After everything was looked at, I was told I have gallstones and an infection in my gallbladder, and that the likely outcome was having it removed. I was given prescriptions for two antibiotics and a painkiller, and sent home with a referral to a surgeon to discuss my options.

I called the surgeon when I got home and made the appointment. Today was the appointment … from hell.

The first red flag should have been when I pulled up and saw advertisements for his Botox and…

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