Tequila vs. the Fat Men

Drinking tequila–that would be great for my diabetes! On the other hand, it would make me vomit, which would inhibit the absorption of calories. In no time at all I would be SKINNY!!!!1!11! WHEEEEEEE!!!!111!111!

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

There is a crazy new way to lose weight, y’all.


Just take a couple of shots a day and voila! Suddenly skinny.

This is what Atchka said to me when he read that bit.

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One thought on “Tequila vs. the Fat Men

  1. I want to tell you all about the new clams and tequila diet. It will get you SUPER SKINNY in no time! You will lose at least 200 pounds a month! Wash it down with a shot of Milk of Magnesia, and you’ll get SKINNY AND MEGA SEXY even faster! Of course, if you decide to RIDE THE SNAKE while CHASING THE DRAGON, the fat will really melt away! It’s super easy and fun!

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