Celebrity Skin

Kirstie Alley’s yo-yo dieting and internalized size shame are extremely unhealthy. I would feel sorry for her across the board if not for the awful message that her attitudes send to others who are struggling with self-acceptance.
i used to be like Kirstie, always chasing the Elusive Unicorn of Socially Acceptable Thinness and Beauty. I had to stop, for the sake of both mental and physical health.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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Trigger warning: Discussion of weight-loss and diet programs.

Now she’s fading, somewhere in Hollywood
I’m glad I came here with your pound of flesh.

—from “Celebrity Skin” by Hole

We’ve all heard and read about Kirstie Alley’s constant struggles to shed the pounds. Now she’s teamed up with Jenny Craig and caught flak for her comment about “not being circus fat” and just wanting to lose 30 pounds in her new commercial.

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One thought on “Celebrity Skin

  1. I wish I could shake Kirstie and scream at her “accept yourself already!” She will probably yo-yo diet till the day she dies and go to her grave never seeing her own amazing qualities. It’s sad, because she really is a very funny and talented lady.

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