Six Questionable Questions about Fat Acceptance Answered

I’m going to play Carolyn’s game and make blanket assumptions without bothering to get to know anything else about her. Based purely on surface perceptions, Carolyn is an asshat with all the research abilities of a gnat which has had its brain pithed. Note how she did not bother interviewing one single person involved with HAES or size acceptance. Way to put on your blinders and embrace prejudice, Carolyn! You win at these things. You fail at everything else.

Dances With Fat

I can explain it to you A piece appeared in Thought Catalog today [a million trigger warnings] called “6 Things I Don’t Understand About the Fat Acceptance Movement” by Carolyn Hall which was brought to my attention by the Rolls Not Trolls Facebook Community . I’m going to answer the six questions, but I want to start out by pointing out the ways in which this article is problematic by suggesting some possible alternative titles:

6 Things About Fat Acceptance that I Didn’t Bother Researching

6 Ways I Try to Justify Ignoring Fat People’s Request for Basic Respect

6 Ways that I’ve Let My Prejudice and Preconceived Notions Run Wild

6 Ways in Which I’m Being Purposefully Obtuse

6 Things That Aren’t Questions at All, But Are Rants Based on Prejudice, Preconceived Notions, and Stereotypes

Oh yes, the article is chock full of the usual fallacies – the confusion of body size with behavior, the confusion…

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