The Religion of Weight Loss

It’s a bad religion, and just like the Westboro Batshit Church lot, the vile diatribe that spews from these nasty detractors makes me wonder at the fact that they believe themselves to be oh so holy and pure. Anyone that can spew that much venom is not even close to being good.
No good has ever come from trying to eliminate entire groups of people.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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For the past two weeks, I have been observing and participating in #notyourgoodfatty on Twitter, which you can read the genesis of here.

In summary, the hashtag was started when fat activist Amanda Levitt and mazzie had a conversation during which mazzie came up with the hashtag as a reply to Amanda; thus, the #notyourgoodfatty Diet Culttrend began. The hashtag was soon filled with fat positive ideals and affirmations; things that fat people do unapologetically, and it soon became a supportive place for fat activists. At one point, the hashtag became one of the top popular trends on Twitter.

But of course there are detractors — trolls came out of the woodwork from the swamps of 4chan and reddit to invade what is basically a fat-positive space in order to demean and put down contributors to the thread. Trolls opened sock puppet accounts in order to put their piece in…

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