Scandinavian Economic Performance

I’m not a follower of Ayn Rand. I am interested in economics, especially considering the scary economic situation that the United States has been in for quite a while. I find what this man says interesting. Unfortunately, I do not know enough to qualify whether what he says is accurate. I thought some of you might also be interested in the video.

I am also wondering how I managed to screw up such a simple post six ways to Sunday! I have it fixed now, but four edits for this? Really, Seth? Maybe I need to go back to bed and stop messing around.


One thought on “Scandinavian Economic Performance

  1. What happened was Rose informed me about the video, and I messaged her to go ahead and start a post with the video embedded. I then proceeded to butcher the post and decided it was easier to just start over. So, Rose and I were not competing over this video or something, I just have butterfingers tonight.

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