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The whole “Pickup Artist” thing is such a fucking gross joke. I love how they get all upset when a woman has the confidence not to respond to their disgusting, misogynist tactics. Then suddenly, whether she’s conventionally attractive or a “fat pig,” she becomes an “ugly slut.”
The one with the poor misused puffin assumes that larger bodies were always seen as sick and weak. This is not the case. Plumpness was once seen as a desirable quality and an indicator of health.
Yep, we fat women are “forcing” the poor little douchebags to want to do us. So not! Personally, I just want them to leave me alone. I don’t want them or their nasty willies anywhere near me.
There is also the assumption that every female on the planet wants to be seen as “sexy.” I, personally, do not want to be seen as “sexy” by the general public. Were I involved with somebody, I’d like him to see me as desirable, but not as some sort of sex toy. Which is what “sexy” tends to imply when bandied about by dudebros.
BTW, it’s not just guys who get “friendzoned.” I was constantly “like a sister” to guys that I wanted to date. I was never the pretty, popular girl by any means. I had guys asking me if I’d ask my pretty friend if she’d go out with them. I finally got very snippy with one of them and told him to ask her his own damn self. Word must have gotten around, because none of them ever asked me to be their go-between again.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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Trigger warning: Human scum ahead. Read with caution.

Over the last week, I noticed a new trend among the fat haters. Let’s call it the Dudebro Evopsych Manifesto. In meme form, it goes a little something like this:

Stop Forcing

To understand how utterly ridiculous this idea of evolutionary disdain toward fatties is, you just need to go back to 200-pound Lillian Russell, the sex symbol from the 1890s.

Lillian 2 Fat and desirable: whodathunk.

So when I saw this meme, I couldn’t help but laugh. There are guys out there who really, truly believe that they are being “forced” to like fat women. Apparently, there are roving gangs of the militant fat girls assaulting innocent young men who are just trying to do humanity a favor by offering to pass on their healthy, pure genes with the evolutionarily ideal woman (aka Hot Girls). But things have gotten so bad that these brave…

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