Tell Me Something Good

I hope I educated my doctor about HAES. I told him to look into it. He’s better than a lot of doctors, but still has a bad habit of thinking that losing weight is a solution to all health problems and doing things such as complimenting me on my weight loss.
The story behind this is that I lost about 25 pounds after I started properly treating my diabetes. The loss was all water, because my kidneys started working properly again. My face and abdomen no longer had a bloated appearance. Note that I speak of bloat, not fat. Bloat tends to be an indicator that something’s out of whack.
I can’t say for sure that my doctor followed my suggestion, but I hope he did. If he had said something like “glad that you’re responding to treatment,” it would have made me a lot happier than him saying “you’ve lost 25 pounds, way to go!”

Dances With Fat

victoryI’m working on a project, part of which will be a page for people to post their Size Diversity/Fat Activism successes.  This is part of a re-vamping of the Fat Activist History Project.   The revamping is geared to make the project more financially feasible as well as making it more diverse and inclusive.  I’ll be talking more about that later, right now the part of the project I am working on is a page that will tell activism success stories.

So if you have a story of Size Diversity/Fat Activism success I’d love to hear it – no success is too big or too small.  Whether you got your company to do a HAES-based fitness initiative rather than a “Biggest Loser” competition, or you got your mom to stop talking to you about your weight, or whatever your victory was, it’s important.  The idea is to create a place…

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