But Are You Thin?

Ugh, this tired old tune again. A person could be the strongest, most athletic individual in the world. Ze could have perfect lab readings across the board. Ze could have the best stamina known to humanity. But if ze isn’t the picture of svelteness, forget it. Ze is not worthy.
I need to go barf now.

Dances With Fat

Haters Walk on WaterAt the age of 16 Taylor Townsend was the top ranked junior girls tennis player in the United States. At 15  she had beaten a player twice her age in her first pro win. She won the Australian Open juniors title in both singles and doubles, and the Wimbledon girls’ doubles title.  She was headed to the US Open when the United States Tennis Association pulled her funding and said that they wouldn’t fund any more tournaments until she lost weight because they were concerned about her fitness.  One would think the fact that she was the top ranked junior girl would be proof enough of her fitness, and maybe even help people to realize that fitness and body size are not the same thing, but not at the USTA.

Townsend’s mother paid her fees, Townsend finished in the quarter finals, and the public went into uproar.  USTA then changed…

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