I Wonder/Cultivating Compassion

How, pray tell, does Linda presuppose to tell the sympathy-deserving fatties with the “genuine metabolic conditions” from the bad, awful, terrible fatties who “lack self control” and “aren’t trying hard enough?” Here’s the answer: SHE CAN’T! And neither can anyone else. Their answer to this problem seems to be “shame everybody,” when in reality they have no right to shame anybody. Other people’s bodies are none of their business.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties


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Today, I have the honor of introducing our latest blogger: Jean Braithwaite. I made the executive decision to add Jean to our blogging ranks after we were reunited on Facebook nearly 15 years after she taught my favorite Creative Writing class at Mizzou. Jean has written a fat memoir and after today’s post I’m sure you’ll find my judgment is spot on.

Lots of people in the Fatosphere have already written to rebut or scold Linda Kelsey, so there’s no point in my doing that one more time. I want to take a slightly different angle. In today’s post on Never Diet Again UK, my hero Angela Meadows wonders about the average…

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2 thoughts on “I Wonder/Cultivating Compassion

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Real Cie. Fat-phobic attitudes don’t really quite make sense even based on the usual fat-phobic premises. Everybody kind of knows that you can’t just go around hating people based on appearances alone, because that’s obviously bigotry. But when people are guilty of freely making irresponsible individual decisions, why, that’s a fine foundation for justified disdain. Meanwhile most fat-phobes also kind of know that scientific evidence strongly suggests that fat is not purely a matter of behavioral choices. But they can’t quite reconcile their own visceral negative responses with a policy of just, like, refraining from heaping contempt on any fat people at all ever–that seems insane! That flies in the face of all their values. So they reason, I guess, that at least they can be sure that *most* fat people deserve contempt [Do they insert some chain of reasoning here, or is it just a an emotional reflex?] Thus, whenever they cross paths with a fatty they default to presuming guilt, because (I guess) it would be unthinkable to let vast numbers of guilty people get off scot-free even though that means punishing a few innocents. Anyway, that’s the best sense I can make of it.

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