The Bethenny Frankel Body Debacle

I really don’t have much of an opinion one way or another on Bethenny Frankel, except that I hate that “Real Housewives” crap, and I will never buy any of the crap she shills. I imagine that the woman does have issues with eating disorders, and as far as that goes, I feel sympathy for her. This is what our fatphobic culture causes. It helps no-one of any size. I fear that there is a great likelihood that Bethenny’s daughter will develop an eating disorder too, if she hasn’t already.
I have no reason to hate Bethenny for her size, and I think it’s wrong for people to belittle her for such. However, she does seem to have a need to show that she can fit into her daughter’s pajamas, thus saying “look how not fat I am. I deserve to be liked.” This is what goes on in the psyche of every person who struggles with an eating disorder.
On the whole, I wish Bethenny and her daughter well. I have no reason not to.

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Trigger warning: Discussion of eating disorders, weight loss and a posted image of a thin celebrity.

One good thing about social media is that fat-shamers can instantly get called out on their hateful attitudes in real time. Maria Kang took heat on Facebook for her “what’s your excuse?” posts and her negative opinions on larger women taking pictures of themselves wearing Curvy Girl lingerie. Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly faced immediate backlash and threats of subscription cancellations for saying she didn’t want to see fat people being intimate on TV, much less walk into a room. There was the Cintra Wilson incident, where she was boycotted by fat activists and…

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