September’s Top Searches Leading to Sly Fawkes


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Frankly, some of these kind of scare me, squick me out, or both.

american fucksexy school garl
freeze peach

I didn’t realize that “fucksexy” was a word. Also, I’m wondering what a “garl” is.

We have never talked about an “American fucksexy school garl” on this blog, I assure you. We have mentioned Freeze Peach a time or two.

We have talked about certain things of the American persuasion. We have also mentioned school.

Carrie’s repost, entitled “Fuck Sexy” is what led the “fucksexy” search here.

However, I’m quite sure we have never once mentioned “garls.”

~The Cheese~


Crisis in the Central African Republic

The following is from the video description.
In the middle of Africa there lies a remote and little known country called the Central African Republic, or CAR. Not only is CAR one of the least developed and poorest countries in the world with the world’s joint lowest life expectancy, but for the past nine months it has been embroiled in a conflict and state of lawlessness described by many news outlets and commentators as “the worst crisis you’ve never heard of”. On 5 December the United Nations issued a mandate to restore order in CAR “by all necessary means” following a surge of violence in which 394 people were killed in the capital Bangui in just three days of fighting. And many of these people were children.

~Gunnar Raven~