Resource Recommendations: You Tube Indie Films Channel and Indie Statik Blog

If you’re like me, you enjoy things that are a little off the beaten path. You may also enjoy the Film Festivals and Indie Films channel on You Tube, and the Indie Statik blog, which is where I stole borrowed the image above from
Let’s face it, when you’re short on money and time, you need opinions you can trust to help guide you in the right direction. These look to be two good resources to help you pick your poison. I know that I’m keeping them in my bookmarks for future reference!
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The Dudebros are Killing Facebook


This is a response to a well-written post by Donny Gamble regarding why Facebook is going the way of My Space.

I don’t think the problem is the fact that Mom shares her favorite songs or baby pictures or such. I think the problem is the overtone of nastiness that pervades Facebook of late. People devote entire pages to posting pictures of those they deem unattractive for the sole purpose of mocking these people. Facebook also doesn’t seem to follow their own policies. They allow horrible pictures and pages to remain intact, but delete very quickly anything that’s harmless but a bit bawdy. I would be far more concerned about the potential for my kids to see an animal being tortured than someone exposing his butt crack for a laugh.
I am an admin for several pages on Facebook: one is an animal rescue page, one is a page for mental health related issues and humor, one is an online “radio station” where we admins share our favorite songs. I can’t even muster the energy to go to Facebook to tend to those any more.
I think the overall stress of dealing with a snarky, junior high atmosphere is what’s killing Facebook, not the fact that moms want to share pictures of their kids or exchange recipes or what have you.

To expand on this comment, the Dudebros are turning Facebook into Reddit, and nobody wants to hang around in Dudebroville. I have enough real-world problems. I left junior high almost forty years ago. I have no desire to go back there.

It’s depressing how many grown people act like snotty junior high age kids whose parents didn’t bother to teach them right from wrong.

More than anything else, allowing the Dudebros to take over is what is doing Facebook in.

Reach out, let’s talk

I hope it’s all right to reblog this–not claiming I wrote it by any means! It’s important information and I feel it needs to be shared.

Stop the Stigma

young teen thinking of problems SILOUETTE

Despair became her friend
sadness wrapped her like a blanket
Drinking, harming her new trend;
death seemed like her only target,
woke up mornings and saw grey
looked outside and just saw clouds
Praying, hoping was her way
now the pain just screamed too loud.
had no clue that there was hope
there are people who assist
teaching different ways to cope
seeing lifelines on a list
she decides, give one more try
calledKids Help Phone late one night
realized she needn’t die
Gave life a chance, seeing the light.
Sure am glad she called that night.

Don’t give up when times are bleak
Talk to someone who you trust
if you’re scared, then just call us
6868, it’s not too late
we’re always open, day and night
we never close…so call, alright?

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/01/18

Youth lines: Canada 1-800-668-6868 Kids Help Phone

Youth Lines around the world…

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UFOs and Government Cover-Ups

This man is apparently a relative of David Cameron. This is kind of cool, because it would be embarrassing as hell for a politician to have a relative that went off on wild tangents about subject matter such as UFOs.

I’m on the fence about the whole idea of alien encounters. I keep an open mind, and, in terms of probability, I believe that it’s more likely that there IS life on other planets than that there isn’t. However, I’m not so sure that life is coming here.

What I do believe with complete certainty is that governments are very capable of covering up truths and making inconvenient people disappear. I do not trust the government–any government.


Funky Little Isms: Ageism

Two years ago, Jimmy Leeward flew a plane in an air show in Reno, Nevada. The plane crashed and Leeward was killed, as were nine spectators.

Leeward was 74 years old.

People were quick to blame Leeward’s age for the crash, saying that a man his age had no business flying a plane.

In the video, an experienced pilot notices a problem with the plane’s tail.

I am not a pilot or an aviation inspector. I can’t say what caused the crash.

What I will say is that it was not Leeward’s age.

People age at different rates. My own father died at 74 from a variety of health problems. He had vascular dementia among his other issues. Certainly there is no way that he should have been flying a plane.

My father’s age would not be the reason why he shouldn’t have been flying a plane. The vascular dementia would have.

I feel that it wouldn’t be wrong to test a pilot’s skills every few years, regardless of age, to make sure that they are still capable of flying.

While certain problems become more likely with age, there is no guarantee that every person will have the same set of problems at any given age.

A person’s reaction time does slow with age, but their overall knowledge and skills improve.

Let us not assume that because a person is advanced in years that they are doddering, decrepit, and senile.