Party Hardy, But Think of Others

It’s fine to celebrate, to cut loose, to party, even to get a little (or somewhat more) inebriated sometimes.

What is not okay is when your partying infringes on the rights of others to feel safe.

It’s a step in the right direction that their gurneys were empty.

My aunt lives next door to a house that is rented out to college students. Sometimes these guys are whooping it up into the wee hours, hollering, playing the music loud, running up and down the street. They throw their trash into surrounding yards. This really is not cool.

I was guilty of playing the music too loud and getting drunk and stupid in my younger days. But I never threw my trash into other people’s yards.

I also think of sports fans who celebrate their team winning a championship by destroying stuff.  How can anyone think this is okay? How is this a way to celebrate your team’s victory?

We share the world with others. It is necessary to be courteous, not act like out of control maniacs.