Fat Women Fuck Too

Kim seems like a completely cool person, and she’s very pretty too. I’m heterosexual by nature, but I’d do her before I’d touch Jeff Leach with someone else’s vagina. That’s how gross I think he is.

Fat Heffalump

Today from the douchebag files comes the story of UK “actor” and “comedian”  (I use those in scare quotes on purpose, I’m not sure he’s much of either) Jeff Leach, who took it upon himself to screen shot the Tinder profile photograph of the amazing fat activist and all ‘round awesome babe, Kim Selling, and post it to his Instagram with a douchey caption.  He has since deleted it but I happened to take a screen shot and Kim has given me the OK to share it here with you:

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.56.15 am
As you can see, by his caption “Left swipe, LEFT SWIPE, LEFFFFTTTTT SWIIIIPPPPEEEE”, he clearly thought it was a HILARIOUS joke to post a picture of a sexually active fat woman and express how he definitely has to reject her.  For those of you unaware of Tinder, it’s an app for smartphones designed for people looking to hook up, and…

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September’s Top Searches Leading to Sly Fawkes


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Frankly, some of these kind of scare me, squick me out, or both.

american fucksexy school garl
freeze peach

I didn’t realize that “fucksexy” was a word. Also, I’m wondering what a “garl” is.

We have never talked about an “American fucksexy school garl” on this blog, I assure you. We have mentioned Freeze Peach a time or two.

We have talked about certain things of the American persuasion. We have also mentioned school.

Carrie’s repost, entitled “Fuck Sexy” is what led the “fucksexy” search here.

However, I’m quite sure we have never once mentioned “garls.”

~The Cheese~


Burgers With a Side Order of Misogyny and Microaggressions


I was having dinner with my mother and my son at Applebee’s tonight. They always keep their televisions on sports channels, which I tend to half watch. Most of the time I see nothing worthy of pondering. Tonight, however, I was left with the bad taste of sexist microaggressions in my mouth.

Carl’s Junior ads have become increasingly sexist. The ad I viewed tonight was pretty well softcore pornography. It was shown on a station such as ESPN during prime time hours.

There are those who would ask me what the big deal is. The ad was suggestive, but the women weren’t actually naked.

The big deal has nothing to do with the degree of nudity involved. In the first place, it is offensive to have women put on display as sex objects in order to sell projects.

One might argue that while this may be true, there’s nothing we can do about it. Sex sells,and there are bigger problems in the world.

It is true that there are problems which are more directly violent and life-threatening. Also, the argument that “sex sells” in cases such as this really translates to misogyny sells. If they were truly promoting their product using “sex sells” as a guide for creating their advertisement, then both men and women wearing scanty clothing and behaving in a sexualized manner would appear in the ad.

Since men never appear in ads such as this one wearing skimpy clothes and behaving in a sexualized manner, the phrase “sex sells” is, in fact, bullshit. Misogyny sells, and its target audience is dudebros.

One might argue that it is mostly men who watch the sports channels, ergo, airing advertisements of this nature does no harm. It may be primarily men who view sports channels. However, advertising of this nature is not without harm.

In the setting I was in, a family restaurant, there will be young children. Little girls viewing advertisements such as this one are learning that this is how women are supposed to look and behave. They are learning that if they do not look like the sexy women in the advertisements they are not “real women.” They are learning that they need to behave in a submissive and sexy fashion in order for men to find them attractive.

Little boys are learning that women are supposed to behave in an overtly sexual manner to please men. They are learning that women are objects used to sell products. They are learning that women are things rather than people.

As well, the idea that sports are only “for the boys” is a harmful one. It creates a notion that women who enjoy sports, either as observers or as participants, don’t matter. Women, if they appear at all, are supposed to be eye candy. They are not to be taken seriously.

Some may say, well, that’s just the way it is. You can’t fight the tide.

Actually, you can. The advertisers want money. Don’t give them what they want. Don’t buy products from any company that uses misogyny to sell said products.

I’m of the opinion that if you can’t sell your product without using the “sex sells” excuse, your product must not be able to stand on its own merit. I don’t want it.

It actually is possible for women to be portrayed as sexy without demeaning them. Compare the problematic Carl’s Junior ad with one of my favorite music videos.

You can find the Carl’s Junior ad here. I am not embedding the ad as I do not want to increase their hits. I’ve used a Do Not Link URL.

Here is the music video.

 Can the women portrayed in the video be perceived as sexy or appealing? Absolutely, but they are also not there only as “eye candy” for the male gaze. They are part of a story. Their presence may be representative of an idea, but they are autonomous beings. One may find them pleasing, but they are not there solely to be pleasing. 

The men in the video can also be perceived as appealing and sexy.

This is the difference between media that has sexual appeal and media that appeals to sexist ideals in order to sell a product.

I don’t expect honesty from advertisers. However, if they were to be honest, they would have to admit that “sex” is not what they’re selling. They’re selling misogyny, using sexed-up, submissive women as objects to promote their products. It’s an outmoded idea that sends a terrible message. Consumers need to stop buying it.

~The Real Cie~

the HAES® files: The Dangers of Living in a Safe House

My late father was a healthist when I was growing up. He wouldn’t allow anything made with refined sugar, or any sort of “junk food.” When I went over to friends’ houses, I stuffed my face with as much junk food as I could get my hands on.
I yo-yo dieted from my teens into my mid forties. I have also starved myself, binged and purged, and binged without purging. I do not have a healthy relationship with food.

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Stacey Nye, PhD

This article originally appeared in the September 2006 issue of the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.

I recently presented a workshop at a local spa on healing disconnected eating. As a guest presenter, my husband and I were treated to a weekend of complimentary food, exercise classes and other presentations by the spa’s staff. He attended a workshop given by the staff nutritionist on eating healthy. I was having my complimentary massage at this time, so had to come late. By the time I arrived, he was incensed.   “She’s teaching people to have a “safe house!” he exclaimed under his breath. “And they are all smiling, asking questions and shaking their heads in agreement!” After living with me for over 15 years, he knows better. He’s been educated about the dangers of dieting and the alternative wisdom of the HAES®/ Intuitive Eating process (1,2).

I was raised in…

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Workplace Woedown

I’m so glad I work with a skeleton crew. Less than skeleton, really. There are only three of us on the night shift in my area of the building: me, one other resident assistant, and the security guard. None of us are big on “diet talk.”
Unfortunately, the co-worker who is on shift before me two days a week tends to prattle on about all her great and vast knowledge of why she is a Food Saint and why People are Obese and how Obesity Causes Disease. I shut her up on one occasion by telling her that I have diabetes, I did not cause my diabetes by eating “bad food,” that you cannot eat your way into diabetes, and that diabetes cannot be cured, it is like cancer and sometimes goes into remission.
Diet talk needs to be made extinct, as do assumptions about other people’s bodies.

Carrot & Ginger Salad (not really a salad)

Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I eat a lot more vegetables. Fruit is actually okay too, though. I can still eat dessert, I just have to actually measure my portions now where previously I didn’t give a damn. The one thing I had to give up is juice. (sob) Yeah, I know, I know, it’s the beverage of Satan, right up there with soda, yada yada. However, I love grape juice and mango-orange-pineapple juice and the Dole Pina Colada blend. I love them, and I make no bones about it. I would still drink them if I could!

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties


Thanks to everyone who has gotten us this far. Please support Casey in improving her mobility while fighting the fat haters by donating whatever you can afford. Read more here or click the image above to donate.

I have to admit, I’m not a huge vegetable eater. I’m developing a taste for them, but give me fruit any day of the week and twice on a Sunday. But this “salad” kills two birds with one stone. It’s full of veggie goodies, but is sweet and absolutely delicious. Sometimes I eat it as a snack, but a big bowl of it will also do me for breakfast. It’s quick and easy to make, and the recipe will last one person a good few days. Anyway, without further ado, let me share Carrot & Ginger Salad.


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Progress Report —

I have nothing but praise for this fine analysis of young Huffington’s performance. However, I sadly do not see him doing anything to alter the error of his ways anytime in the near future.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties


Thanks to everyone who has gotten us this far. Please support Casey in improving her mobility while fighting the fat haters by donating whatever you can afford. Read more here or click the image above to donate.

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Trigger warning: Discussion of articles about weight loss, eating disorders and weight loss surgery.

Welcome to Parents Night, Mr. and Mrs. Post. It’s such a pleasure to see you again. You’ve got quite the ambitious rapscallion on your hands with Young Huffington. He’s quite a resourceful lad and I have to say he’s one of my favorite aggregators by far. He provides us with daily updates on the state of the world, politics and pop culture in a way that is both entertaining and informative. And he’s quite popular, to boot.

There’s just one area that I feel I need to bring to your attention. It’s his Body Acceptance. He’s certainly…

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The Bethenny Frankel Body Debacle

I really don’t have much of an opinion one way or another on Bethenny Frankel, except that I hate that “Real Housewives” crap, and I will never buy any of the crap she shills. I imagine that the woman does have issues with eating disorders, and as far as that goes, I feel sympathy for her. This is what our fatphobic culture causes. It helps no-one of any size. I fear that there is a great likelihood that Bethenny’s daughter will develop an eating disorder too, if she hasn’t already.
I have no reason to hate Bethenny for her size, and I think it’s wrong for people to belittle her for such. However, she does seem to have a need to show that she can fit into her daughter’s pajamas, thus saying “look how not fat I am. I deserve to be liked.” This is what goes on in the psyche of every person who struggles with an eating disorder.
On the whole, I wish Bethenny and her daughter well. I have no reason not to.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties


Thanks to everyone who has gotten us this far. Please support Casey in improving her mobility while fighting the fat haters by donating whatever you can afford. Read more here or click the image above to donate.

Weight LossFat PoliticsFat HealthEating DisordersFat NewsDickweedDiet Talk

Trigger warning: Discussion of eating disorders, weight loss and a posted image of a thin celebrity.

One good thing about social media is that fat-shamers can instantly get called out on their hateful attitudes in real time. Maria Kang took heat on Facebook for her “what’s your excuse?” posts and her negative opinions on larger women taking pictures of themselves wearing Curvy Girl lingerie. Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly faced immediate backlash and threats of subscription cancellations for saying she didn’t want to see fat people being intimate on TV, much less walk into a room. There was the Cintra Wilson incident, where she was boycotted by fat activists and…

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