Beware the Purpose of Outcry: A Brief Duck Dynasty Diatribe

So there was an outcry for the patriarch of Duck Dynasty after he was essentially accused of vilifying members of the LGBT community. The outcry was based on two separate motivations: religion and money.

Members of various faith communities indicated that he was speaking from Biblical foundations and should not be fired for that. I submit that some of those who gave voice were also investors or others who stand to lose money with the demise of the program (have you seen how much DD merch is in Walmart?!?).

I admit that I have not followed every detail of the story but it wasn’t until I caught an update from this morning’s “Good Morning America” that I heard more of the story.

Evidently said DD patriarch also had some insight into the lives of American Black folk too. Allegedly the African Americans in his area of Louisiana were happy before civil rights as they worked cotton and so forth. This was based on what he saw working in some of those same fields.

What he saw.

Did he ever have a conversation with any people of color who, based on the numbers of such individuals who marched, sat in at lunch counters, and were beaten, hosed, and burned out and who might have had a slightly different perspective?

This part of the story certainly did not get as much press as the portion that has been identified with conservative gay bashing.

Know that it should have.

I must say that I do not react to both comments with the same level of vehemence. The first causes me upset because it again raises the specter of Biblical application. Yes, there are passages that state it is an abomination for a man to be with a man (Leviticus 18:22) and a woman to be with a woman (Romans 1:26) in a sexual manner. However, no one has yet been able to answer my question about how Christians are to live out their faith with members of their communities who are LGBTQ and are also Christian or are seeking a Christian faith. Further, had the DD patriarch called out same sex adultery, would there have been such a reaction, such a polarization of the so-called left and right?

The second of his comments makes me sad and angry because of its ignorance. If he had said something like “The Black people I worked with said they were happy before all this civil rights business” is very different than saying the Black people he worked with looked happy because they sang as they worked and didn’t complain. Singing and silence were how we stayed alive! Seemingly happy workers were not harassed or killed. Maybe such treatment didn’t happen in his neighborhood; it happened in many other neighborhoods, but hey, I wasn’t there in his neighborhood and can’t tell you.

I would like to say that it will be nice when this blows over bit it won’t be. Bigotry, hatred, and separation will still be a major issue in the world. We must continue to call it out, not to cause more division but to bring it to light and to hopefully educate one another outside such a public forum.

Homophobes are Idiots: Phil Robertson



Dannii Minogue proudly shows her support for Stonewall’s anti-bullying campaign

This post is a reply to a post on The Daddy Files about the ridiculous remarks made by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, which parrot the ridiculous and unfounded arguments of other wing-nuts.



Put the smackdown on him, Dashy! (Image found in this post)

I’m sure that according to this fool, only gays get AIDS, and that a heterosexual man who cheats on his wife is a better person than a monogamous gay man.

This fool has had his brains pecked out by ducks.
“That’s it, this marriage is over, and it’s all because of same sex marriage!”
Said no straight couple ever.
Why the hell anyone is worried about whether Joe Next Door is in love with a man, or Jane Down the Lane loves a woman is beyond me. I’m heterosexual. Some people are gay. Some people are bi. As long as all parties involved are consenting adults, who the hell cares?
There are cases of incestuous attraction (I’m not talking about parents raping children, I’m talking about siblings in an equitable relationship) but they are rare enough that we really don’t need to concern ourselves with them. Allowing gay marriage most assuredly does not lead to the allowing of incestuous marriage. That slippery slope does not exist.
Homosexuality is not a perversion, it is a legitimate sexual orientation. Most homosexual couples are not related to each other any more than most heterosexual couples are related to each other. Therefore, it is ridiculous and peculiar to assume that legalizing same sex marriage would lead to a marked rise in siblings wanting to bang each other. I cannot foresee, after some 45 years of being on this planet at the same time, me suddenly wanting to bang my brother because same sex marriage is legalized. I would be more likely to decide to have sex with an unrelated woman than sex with any man to whom I’m related, and I’m really not attracted to women.
As to homosexuality leading to bestiality, this premise is just as ridiculous. Most homosexuals do not want to have sex with animals any more than most heterosexuals do. When’s the last time you heard a gay person preaching that we should all have sex with animals, because, well, you know, them gays is big perverts that will schtoink anything?
The whole thing is ridiculous. Some people have really dirty minds.
The ones who should be ashamed are those who are bashing innocent people whose only “crime” is being attracted to people of the same sex.

Additional: Response to this dumbassery by Phil Robertson

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

On a purely visceral level, a woman’s vagina and anus would be more appealing to a heterosexual man. For a homosexual man, a man’s penis and anus are more appealing than a woman’s vagina and anus. Who the hell cares? Why do you care so much, Phil? How does it affect you in any way if Stan is having sex with William rather than Betty?




Dancing Like No-One’s Watching

I always wonder why some people seem to see it as a personal crusade to shame others into stopping themselves from having a good time.

What difference does it make if a person doesn’t look like an airbrushed fashion model, or a professional, choreographed dancer?

What difference does it make if someone doesn’t sound like a professional musician?

If being cruel is the only way a person can make themselves feel big, then they are truly the smallest and pettiest of souls.

Being cruel isn’t cool, it’s ugly.

Too many ugly people have stopped far too many from expressing themselves and enjoying life.

I think this is the worst kind of tragedy.

The Sick Modeling Industry

The scout talks about how the potential models need to be “healthy” in pursuit of their goals.

An industry based completely on physical appearance which promotes disordered eating and excessive exercising to obtain an extremely thin physique is not promoting health. It is promoting a certain appearance. These girls’ attitudes towards food and exercise are extreme rather than healthy.

Athletes and Crime

I like football. I’m not a fanatic, but I do enjoy watching games. It was tradition every Thanksgiving to gather around and watch the game while the meal cooked. Granted, there tended to be the traditional “guys watching the game, women in kitchen” aspect. My eldest sister liked watching football. My middle sister (our own Aurora Hylton) really only enjoyed watching live games. The televised ones bored her.

The culture surrounding sports is different now than it was in bygone days. Players used to be held to higher standards as representatives of their organizations. Now they tend to get away with sometimes truly appalling acts and are not punished the way the average citizen would be for the same crime.

Do I think that Aldon Smith should be allowed to return to football? Absolutely. Firing a gun in a crowded room was ill-advised, but he committed the act because he was feeling threatened, not because he was intending to harm anybody. As well, he is battling substance issues, but he is by no means irredeemable. Hopefully he will come out of treatment a stronger person.

Do I think that Michael Vick should have been allowed to return to football?

Never in a million years.

His actions were not simple errors in judgment. He knowingly and callously caused the suffering and death of numerous animals. He should not be allowed to enjoy the high salary and regard that come with being a star player on a major league team.

Sporting leagues have a tendency to gloss over the indiscretions of their players. Athletes should be held to the same standards as regular citizens. The punishment should properly fit the crime for everybody.

The Problem With Celebrity Worship Part I: Everything Must Be Larger Than Life

It’s not that I have anything against this particular pair of people. I certainly hope that they are very happy together, particularly since they have children.

I’m using this video as an illustration of the ostentatious spectacle that everyday people come to desire because it is presented to them as being somehow superior to what ordinary people have. This is simply an example. One need only read a gossip magazine or watch any entertainment show to see examples of the “celebrities are better than us” mentality.

A lot of women grow up with the fairytale princess myth from the time we are very small. As we grow up, this myth is brought to life in stories about Hollywood romances. One imagines a wedding with famous, beautiful people in attendance where perhaps a famous singer or singers perform.

The reality never measures up to our hopes. It takes a great deal of money to accomplish a scenario such as is described in this video. There is an air of “you little people will never be this good” in this style of reporting.

I have found that by getting rid of television all together and not reading gossip magazines or going to celebrity-centered websites, I have lessened to a degree my dissatisfaction with my lot in life. I still stress about my lack of money, living paycheck to paycheck even though I make well above minimum wage, drive an old car, and live in a far from ostentatious home. At least I no longer continually feed myself with the idea that in order to measure up, I need to live like royalty or a star.

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