My Body Belongs To Me: A Children’s Book

Ms. Starishevsky wrote and self-published this book in 2009 but it has most recently been picked up by a traditional publisher. As we approach April which is Child Abuse Prevention Month, she is available for blog interviews. Her topic is “10 Tips on How Parents and Educators Can Recognize and Prevent Child Sexual Abuse“.

In her own words:

My hope is to increase the number of schools that are teaching this important information to children ages 3-8.

Click on the image above to visit her Facebook page about the book and send her a comment if you are interested in learning more, buying books now before it goes traditional, and/or to set up a blog interview about this important topic.

Judgmental Jackwagon Proclaims Those Who Have Only One Child Selfish


This judgmental jerkwad seriously managed to piss me off, and now I need to blow my stack. I’ll share with you the comment that I left for him on his so enlightened piece of tripe masquerading as an article.

You are seriously judging other people for deciding for themselves that one child is enough? I have two words for you: a$$ and hat.

Who in hell are you to decide that someone else is selfish for deciding to have only one child? Who died and made you God?

If I had more than one child, my resources would have been stretched way too thin. Neither of my kids would have been able to go to college. As it is, I’ve been able to help my son go to college. It’s a struggle, but he has a fighting chance of not having to work a menial job for the rest of his life, thanks to my being so horrible and selfish.

When I was younger, I listened to the judgmental a$$hattery of people like you, and thought that I was a terrible person because I ended up divorced when my son was four and never found a suitable partner. Oh, what an awful person I am for thinking about my own and my son’s welfare and not getting knocked up by some bad choice of a boyfriend or husband.

Gosh, I guess I’d best apologize to my son tomorrow for having been such a horrible mother and not giving him the soap opera life that he could have had. If only I had insisted on giving him another sibling. Just think how things could have turned out