Freezing and Without Power

michigan power outages december 2013

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This should not be happening.

We have the technology to give each and every home solar panels, which would prevent this sort of disaster.

Life-saving energy should not be “for-profit.”

Even in the developing nation of Benin, they are working to give residents clean, safe solar energy. Surely a prosperous nation such as the United States could do this if a less technologically advanced nation can do it. Put our tax dollars to good use! I don’t mind paying higher taxes for something that will benefit me in the long run, such as access to medicine and low-cost power that won’t fail during bad weather.

Kudos to the people who worked to restore the power.


History in the Making: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Over the Years

Corporate psychology is not my specialty. However, it is fascinating to study and try to discern what made Apple and Microsoft the giants of the industry, basically shutting out all other operating systems.
I am also not a computer expert. I am Joe End-User. I need something that works easily and quickly for me. Apple and Microsoft both targeted Jane and Joe End-User as opposed to focusing their software on corporate applications. I wouldn’t know what to do with a Linux if it came up and bit me.
It is also fascinating to study the history of the computer. For the greater part of the twentieth century, computers were relegated to use in the military and certain industries. They were great behemoths that took up entire rooms. The smaller computers envisioned on the original Star Trek came close to showing what was to come for computers.
As for Jobs and Gates, their success comes not only from their innovation, but also from their refusal to allow others to discourage them from their goals. Their success did not happen overnight. If you listen to them, they also acknowledge that they had other people assisting them to achieve their ambitions.
In order to succeed, one must be flexible enough to allow their vision to evolve and morph, but never give up on the goal.
Believe in yourself and your vision.
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