The Red Carpet

Axel Brauns is a novelist who lives with autism. He discusses his issues with learning to interpret faces and perceive emotions.

I do not have much experience with autism, so please forgive any shortfalls in my knowledge. I know that some people think that all individuals with autism are out of control and learning disabled. From what I have observed in what I have read and viewed about people with the condition, there is a great range in abilities, intelligence, and tolerance of external stimulus.

I think that whether autistic or mentally ill, it is often difficult living in a world where one does not fall into the neuro-normative spectrum. People who are not neuro-normative are often misperceived as being less intelligent, dangerous, unable to interact with others, and completely unstable.

Educating the public helps resolve the stigma that persons who are not neuro-normative endure.

I wish I could find a copy of this film. Axel is a fascinating person. I would like to learn more about his writing and thought processes.


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