Strigoi: The Undead


Those hungering for a sexy, sexy action and coitus-packed film about sexy, sexy bloodsuckers will be sorely disappointed by this gritty 2008 Romanian film. The Strigoi generally resemble sentient zombies far more than the kind of suave, toothy vampire audiences have come to expect. They certainly do not sparkle. Some Strigoi (the living Strigoi as opposed to Strigoi Morti) look and act like anyone else most of the time.

The film moves at the pace of life in an East European village. The protagonist, Vlad, is an ordinary man whose life has not turned out as he had hoped and who now knows more than he ever wanted to about his neighbors. This is not a thriller. There are no heart-pounding tense moments. There is no soft-core porn wrangling between the sheets. There are only common-looking people trying to deal with the problems of life, not all of which are supernatural.

Coming from an East European background (Lithuanian), I resonate with these people and their attitudes and culture. I never had to deal with Strigoi, of course. However, the stoic resolve of the common folk living a life that is far from glamorous is something I am well familiar with. Most of us do not end up living a fairy tale. Most of us get by, and sometimes we must deal with things that are strange and terrible, and which we cannot seem to put to rest.

I could do with a lot more films like this one.

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