Love Does Not Come In a Pill

Oh goody, our very own Bitch Fest Blog!

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke? That’s so yesterday! Or two days ago. Or something. Hell, I don’t know. I hadn’t even seen it previously.

Who cares, though? Here’s what’s important! You can have love, if you just take the Raspberry Ketone Pill!

Let me let you all in on a little secret, in case you didn’t know.

Ketosis is bad for you. Diabetics try to avoid ketosis.

Ketosis is hard on your kidneys.

This product is bullshit.

This doesn’t even try for bullshit pseudoscience. It’s just straight up snake oil.

Anyway, thanks for inviting me to bitch!

Miley Cyrus’ Crass Performance at VMA Music Awards

I will admit that my white privilege is probably showing when I say that I did not personally notice the racist aspects of the performance. I noticed the overall objectification of women, the female bisexuality for the male gaze, and the sexualizing of objects associated with childhood, such as teddy bears. I find Miley Cyrus’ over the top, crass, in your face soft-core porn performance boring and lacking in imagination. I’m glad that someone pointed out the racial aspects of the performance.

The racist elements were pointed out in these articles:

In fairness, I highly doubt that Miley Cyrus has any awareness that her performance contained racist elements. She was trying for shocking. Her performance was uninspired and uninspiring. It’s sad that a fair number of young girls believe that they have to behave like sex objects in order to get attention. I honestly thought that Miley looked rather awkward.  Robin Thicke looked like a skeevy, self-aggrandizing wannabe pimp.

I don’t know enough about it to comment on the aspects of their performance that may have been appropriating black culture. I only know that I wouldn’t bother to pay to see either of them perform. Neither their stage act nor their music do anything for me.