Anti Rape Protester Stabbed

I hope for the best for this brave young man. His life is in danger from vile thugs who want to maintain the status quo wherein they have power without question.

Kolkata: Kamduni was firmly back on the political sparring field on Sunday after the overnight attack on Bhaskar Mondal, president of the anti-rape forum Kamduni Pratibadi Mancha, reportedly by Trinamool Congress goons. The CPM and Congress sharply criticized the attempt to “muffle” the Kamduni protests, earning a sharper retort by state food minister Jyotipriyo Mullick. But what would probably be worse for the Trinamool Congress-led regime, the incident seems to have reignited the Kamduni embers.

I have added this link several hours later. This is not politically motivated but offers proof that there are men out there who are desperate to keep women subjugated. It is a similar mentality to a majority race wanting to keep minority races subjugated. These individuals feel threatened by the idea of second class citizens gaining equality and autonomy, and it can become dangerous for those people who dare to speak out against them.

Battle Won, War Far From Over

The Daily Beast reports that the four men responsible for the gang rape resulting in the death of a twenty-three year old student now face the death penalty.

Some commenters were quick to decry the attitudes of men in India towards women. However, as commenter Kelly wisely pointed out:

Read it and condemn. But don’t be so quick to place all the blame on the Indians. This is a world-wide sickness and if you dig deep enough you’ll find something like this going on the the U.S. too. We are not so pristine…it might not happen with the frequency but remember we just had a guy who hid three women in his house for 10 years, beat them, raped them, chained them–need I go on? Plus we seem to have a society that calls women namess for asking for BC iplls or even basic health care. It is a pervading thing within global society as a whole. We call for the death penalty now but do we really do anything to halt the spreading of ideas that cause these horrendous acts? Think about it.

Here is my response to Kelly.

@kelly_1True, and when women stand up and ask for equal rights and respectful treatment, we are called names like “Feminazi” and “jokingly” or not so jokingly told to “get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.” If we demand to be treated with respect and dignity, we are told that only fat, ugly women are feminists (as if fat women and women not perceived as traditionally attractive don’t deserve respect too.)

There is a pervasive attitude of apologizing for “good” boys who rape, as in the Steubenville case.

As long as jokes about rape are seen as humorous and people who speak up against such “humor” are told to lighten up, it says something negative about the culture which believes that rape is funny.

As you said, this isn’t true just in India. It’s everywhere, including the first world countries.

you make me a sandwich

There’s not much to add to this, only that if desiring to be treated with common decency, to have equal opportunities, and to be treated like a human being and not a piece of ass makes me a “Feminazi,” then that is a title I will wear proudly.