Dancing Like No-One’s Watching

I always wonder why some people seem to see it as a personal crusade to shame others into stopping themselves from having a good time.

What difference does it make if a person doesn’t look like an airbrushed fashion model, or a professional, choreographed dancer?

What difference does it make if someone doesn’t sound like a professional musician?

If being cruel is the only way a person can make themselves feel big, then they are truly the smallest and pettiest of souls.

Being cruel isn’t cool, it’s ugly.

Too many ugly people have stopped far too many from expressing themselves and enjoying life.

I think this is the worst kind of tragedy.

The Crime-Weight-Race-Twilight Zone Connection

There was a story on our morning news that I was going to rant about here, but I managed to forget what it was.

So, in an effort to get myself worked up over it all over again, I decided to search for the story on the news page, and instead came across a banner announcing that George Zimmerman had been arrested today in Florida on a domestic situation involving a weapon.

I wandered over to a news page that supposedly had more coverage to read the detail and came across the ever-increasing number of comments, including one from a citizen who obviously felt some kind of way about the Zimmerman-Martin case.

Said citizen managed to be insulting to blacks, women, and people considered overweight in one fell swoop. I won’t copy/paste his comment here because it doesn’t deserve to be posted again.

The point is, he managed to tie “racist black people,” and Mr. Zimmerman’s wife (“a crazy fat chick”) together and relate them to Mr. Zimmerman’s alleged crime.


But I wasn’t irritated enough by that, evidently. I had to go visit said citizen’s profile, where I saw his few comments on our current leadership in America and other topics were just as um…ehem…enlightened.

The comments were flying in, fast and furious. I hit “refresh” to see whether anyone had offered a response to said enlightened citizen.

That’s when the Twilight Zone bit happened.

After the refresh, all comments were gone.

And the page said “comments for this thread are now closed.”

And when I went to the citizen’s profile page, the comments he had made on that article were gone too.

I am actually glad in a way because someone took responsibility for not spreading even more hate today.

But on the other hand, that quick glimpse into the hearts of some folks reminds me that we can never be less than vigilant because there is so much hate out there.

And it’s a hate that is leveled at us all: ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our friends, or the friends of our friends or the neighbors of our distant family…the connections go on to infinity.

It’s not okay to hate. Ever.

On Internet Trolls


This is a comment I made in response to this post at Psych Central regarding people who make deliberately nasty and inflammatory comments.

There are some truly horrible, miserable people out there who love making others feel bad. When I first started blogging, even though I was in my forties, I was all starry-eyed and hopeful that I would find like-minded sorts who would enjoy my offbeat writing and might find me interesting as well. I thought I could enlighten people about the fact that we who live with mental illness are really just people with a few added challenges.
That was seven years ago. These days I am part of a couple of team blogs and we do not allow search engines to find our blogs. We moderate comments. We are far more leery of putting ourselves out there. We all discovered the hard way about the truly awful people.
Really, they are just cowards. But unless one has a self-esteem of steel, which most of us don’t, they can really tear a person down. It’s a pity anyone has to behave so awfully.